I decided to do a video on trading the Nadex 5 minute binary option trades using my Nadex live account because there has been so many comments on my Youtube videos about you can’t trade 5 minute binaries in live like you do in demo, which is totally bogus in my opinion.

I traded for about 60 minutes and had four trades.

  • Trade #1 had a risk of $14.50 and made a profit of $54.50.
  • Trade #2 had a $15 of risk and it lost.
  • Trade #3 had a $27 of risk and made a profit of $56.75 (I actually thought Trade 1 made more than Trade 3.)
  • Trade #4 had a risk of $19 and made a profit of $51.

Trading Nadex Live Account with 5 Minute Binaries Overall Results

The overall profit/loss for the 60 minute period was $147.25 profit. The risk to reward ratio was $1 to $1.95 (meaning for every dollar of risk I made $1.95).

Live Trading Using Nadex 5 Minute Binaries

More importantly it answers the questions that have been asked: “Can you trade the 5 minute binaries using a live account and make money?”. As you can see in the video, the answer is YES, you can. However, just like any other type of trading, it takes discipline and patience.