Trading Nadex 5 minute binaries is great for experienced scalpers. Scalpers simply want in and out of the market very quickly once they have identified a path. With binaries, the most important aspect is learning to limit risk and waiting for the setup, after all there are 12 potential trades every hour.

In the video, Gail has completed one trade and is waiting on the next one. It’s very important that everything lines up at one time — including setup, risk and time remaining on the binary.

Trading GBPUSD

Trading Nadex 5 Minute Binaries Live

The keys to trading the 5 minute binary options are:

  • Identify a setup that you understand, test it in demo mode, then go live.
  • Patience — again, there are a lot of potential trades in a day. Using your criteria as a filter, and sticking with it, is essential.
  • Limit your risk so your reward is higher than the risk side.
  • Don’t get greedy. Take profits when they are offered.
  • Don’t revenge trade because you entered too early or too late. That’s your mistake so own it.
  • Limit your trades per trade so you don’t give back what you make.