In these two videos, Gail shows you how she is trading market reports using binary options.  Instead of just using 2 hour binaries, you can also shop for the lower risks binary options like the weekly binaries since the report was released on Friday and time decay is working in your favor on the weeklies.

Trading Market Reports Using Binary Options

In the first video, Gail Mercer, founder of TradersHelpDesk, shows you to shop around for the cheaper binary options during market reports. This enables traders to change positions and still profit during or after market reports.  In this case, Gail uses the weekly binary options to enter positions on Gold, EURUSD, and the USDCAD.  The USDCAD profit target is filled.

In the second video, Gail shows you how she covers her loss on both Gold and EURUSD using an additional weekly option with low risk.  In this case, the Gold profit target is filled and the EURUSD is still pending.

Regardless of the outcome on the EURUSD trades, the day was profitable even though the market went against the first position on Gold and the EURUSD.  This is why Gail chooses to trade binary options during market reports — anything can happen and binary options (utilizing OTM binaries) make it easy to cover a loss.

The Create Your Own Package and the Silver Package are on special this month for traders who are trading Market Reports using binary options.  The special price provides a $500 discount off the regular price and both packages come with the indicators, documentation, and training videos.