Trading longer term charts or trading short term charts doesn’t really matter when using the TradersHelpDesk indicators.  It works on all timeframes because the indicators are based on price and volume.  Since all charts have price and volume then you can trade whatever timeframe suits you.

Trading Longer Term Charts

Trading longer term charts simply allow you to capture more profits.  For example, here is the the ADX magenta peak trade on the 1440 Dow.  While the ATR will generally come down, it is currently at 17852.  Entry was at 17321.  That’s a big profit area.

trading longer term Dow Daily Magenta Peak

Of course you could even trade the 45 minute, which was at the ATR, which is the lowest point of risk on any chart.  In this case, the entry was at 17267 and exit was at 17369 (magenta peak has formed which would bring you out).

ATR Entry

Trading Shorter Term Charts

Or for traders wanting quicker trades, trading shorter term charts is still profitable with the TradersHelpDesk indicators.  We simply go down to the 3 minute.  Trades were generated on both Crude and the ES.

trading shorter term ES Entry

Crude Entry

Of course, it’s not everyday we get a magenta peak on the daily chart so when we do they are sweet because they have huge potential for profits.  Which is why we supplement with 45 minute and 180 minute trades.  Profits are larger and we are still entering at either an ATR or when the Magenta peaks are coming in and we know we have profit potential to the ATR.

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