Trading indicators that work for TradeStation, NinjaTrader and Multicharts — that is what we offer and we even give advance notice of when big price moves are coming.  For example, the Nasdaq fell from 4686 to a low of 4544.50 this week.  Amazingly in the market overview last Sunday, I warned that the move was coming.  The THD ADX showed that the market was overbought on the 720 (the ADX was greater than 70).  In fact, I stated that the Nasdaq could actually fall over 591 ticks (the highest of all the markets which is why I was focused on it).  Well, I was off by less than 30 ticks because it only fell 566 ticks.  At $5 a tick that is $2,830 and we knew it was coming on Sunday.

We only had to wait for the confirmed volume divergence to appear on the Directional Volume indicator (appeared on Tuesday morning at 6am at the close 4675.25).

Trading Indicators That Work - Nasdaq 720

Trading Indicators That Work – Nasdaq 720 Minute Chart

What happened next?  It fell, bounced slightly off the Average True Range Stop Loss, then went down again.   By Wednesday, confirmed volume divergence was evident on the 1440 daily chart indicating an ADX peak would occur and then a retracement to the Average True Range Stop Loss on the 1440 was expected.

Trading Indicators That Work - Nasdaq Daily

On Gold we expected 113 ticks and on the Canadian Dollar a potential of 200 ticks if the ADX magenta peak appeared on the 1440.  Unfortunately the Gold trade came in after 5pm EDT on the 21st, creating a retracement of about 60 ticks.  On the Canadian Dollar we did have the retracement complete on the 720 minute (about a 60 tick move) but the Average True Range Stop Loss provided resistance that could not be broken (buyers were not strong enough to flip the average true range stop).

If you had the indicators, then you could have followed these trades all week.  Even with a 60 tick movement, we captured profits.  That is the advantage of using trading indicators that work on the live edge!