multiple spread opportunitiesTrading Gold using multiple spread opportunities in Nadex limits your risk while increasing your profits.  Most traders will tell you that trading Gold can be dangerous for a new trader unless they are using Nadex Binaries and Spreads because it is such a violatile market.

Gold is one of the most volatile markets to trade (along with Crude and the German DAX). And, as much as traders love volatility, it can work against a trader. For example, when trading into a higher timeframe, picking the best entry can be costly on Gold Futures and, quite often, the trader is faced with either foregoing a stop (which is very dangerous) or being stopped out numerous times before the trade goes in his (her) direction.


Trading Gold – Multiple Spread Opportunities Using Nadex

By utilizing the Nadex Spreads for trading Gold, traders can enter with peace of mind that they will not be stopped out and can sit through these congestion areas.

In this short six minute video, Gail shows you how to utilize one trade setup on the 45 minute chart using three different Nadex Spread opportunities. And, although the futures trader would have been stopped out numerous times, the Spread trades allowed the trade to develop and price to go where anticipated (1248).

Trading Gold Using the Nadex Spreads