Trading GBPUSD for the last five days using the ADX magenta peaks trade shows a profit of 148 pips.  The trades started on December 3rd and go through this morning, December 9th.

The chart below shows all 4 trades (marked in yellow with corresponding numbers).  Four trades, three winners and one loser.  The trades were:

  1. Long Entry at 1.4939 and exit at 1.5034 (95 pips)
  2. Short Entry at 1.5120 and exit at 1.5064 (56 pips)
  3. Long Entry at 1.5052 and exit at 1.5010 (-42 pips)
  4. Long Entry at 1.5008 and exit at 1.5047 (39 pips)

Counter Trend Trading GBPUSD

Using the 12 minute, which corresponds with the 180 minute for retracement trades, the 12 minute shows the latest trade that came in last night around 6pm.  We were expecting the GBPUSD to go up.  The 12 minute should have a blue ATR and price should retest the ATR (plus sign).

Trading GBPUSDIn one week, trading GBPUSD spot currency pair, even with a losing trade, the indicators pay for themselves.  Plus, early next year we will be releasing the strategy but it will only be available to clients that have the indicators.  The strategy simply makes the trades easier to see and it will be available on a quarterly and annual lease basis.  The strategies are based on the proprietary THD ADX and Trend ATR v2 indicators and when they line up, you have a really good trade setup.

We used the same method yesterday to trade Crude to the long side off the 45 minute chart to take 32 ticks out of the market while only risking 16 ticks.   Both trend and counter-trend trades are easily identified on forex pairs, futures, and commodities.

The THD Strategies automatically highlight the entries for you.  The ATR strategy also identify the profit target and has two built-in stops.  One stop is based on the ATR stop indicator and the second stop kicks in once a minimum profit target has been achieved.  Then the stop follows price closer to get more profits.

The THD Strategies will be available soon on a subscription only basis (either quarterly or annually) for clients that have the indicators.  Of course with our new subscription service, clients will always have the latest indicators, online training courses, and access to a weekly webinar on Mondays from 10am till noon.