Trading Futures, Trading Fores, Trading Binary OptionsTrading Futures, Trading Forex, Trading Binary Options — doesn’t matter because it is really all the same with the TradersHelpDesk indicators and methodology.  The advantage with binary options is limited risk but you also have limited profit.  Trading Forex provides great liquidity but an ever changing pip spread (which can increase the cost of the trade dramatically).  Trading futures provide the same benefit as forex (leverage accounts) but with limited costs.

Trading Futures, Trading Forex, Trading Binary Options

Yesterday in the Skype room I mentioned that I was short on the AUDUSD binaries.  The charts just painted a really great picture of potential ADX magenta peaks coming in on the 60 minute, which then rolled into the 240 minute charts.  I began shorting the market a little after 9am with the binaries.

Trading Futures Trading Forex Trading Binary Options

By 11 am both expired in the money.

AUDUSD Expirations 11am

Since the magenta peaks rolled into the 60 minute and then the 240, I opted to simply continue trading the same patterns throughout the Asian sessions.  But it was limited to the binary options.  Trading the futures using the @AD, provided the same setups.  Trading Forex, AUDUSD, again same setups.

Trading Futures Aussie Dollar

Trading Futures – Aussie Dollar Higher Timeframe Charts

Trading Forex AUDUSD Higher Timeframe

Trading Forex – AUDUSD Higher Timeframe Charts

The red arrows on the lower timeframe charts below identify where I began shorting the market.  The red circles identify additional entries on both the futures and forex charts.

Trading Futures 15 AD

AUDUSD 15 Minute

Traders could choose to trade futures, trade forex, trade binary options or a combination of all three — it’s simply risk tolerance or personal preference as to which one the trader chooses.  The more important factor is that the trader has the skills and leading indicators that identify the entries.  Our Diamond Package, which includes a two day seminar, includes our leading indicators, training, documentation, and support to help traders develop the skills they need to succeed.