Trading futures provide multiple trading opportunities today especially if using the binary options for limiting risk.

Trading Futures Provide Multiple Trading Opportunities with Binary Options

The image below (you will need to click on it to expand) shows the e-minis Nasdaq, Dow, and S&P 500 3-minute charts.  Although the shorts were posted early, this afternoon, it was all about the retracement back to the low of the opening range.  Each of the blue dots is a potential entry.

Trading Futures Provide Multiple Trade Opportunities with Binary Options

The trade could use either the 2-hour binary option or, if they have experience with trading binary options, then they could choose the 20-minutes if they coincide with a blue dot.  Then they utilize an Out of the Money (OTM) to lower risk to around $30 per contract.  Immediately after the entry order is filled a profit target to capture $55 or $60 should be placed.  This gives the trader a nice risk to reward methodology.

The Out of the Money binary options provide an ideal environment for using low risk high reward opportunities.  Since each binary has a maximum payout of $100, the trader has more reward (typically around $70 after the risk) than risk on the table.

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Days like today that provide multiple trading opportunities do not come in as often as they did in the past but when they do traders should hit the trades hard especially if they can limit their risk.