This morning in the live coaching sessions, we were looking at trading futures, forex, and stocks. Specifically, we looked at ways to take advantage of the ADX magenta peaks on the 15 minute chart and above.

For example, the 15 minute EURUSD chart formed an ADX magenta peak (as well as the 60 minute later). While a trader could choose to trade the magenta peak using a 2 hour binary option, Gail showed how she used it to trade the 5 minute binaries. Then when the magenta peak rolled into the 60 minute, the 15 minute could be used for a 2 hour binary or the trader could have opted to do all three.

Trading Futures, Forex and Stocks - EURUSD chart

On the futures side, the Nasdaq had an ADX magenta peak form on the 60 minute chart. Using the 5 minute chart, there were 3 entries and there were also 3 entries on the 1 minute chart that coincided with the 5 minute chart.

Nasdaq charts

Additionally, entering orders in TOS (ThinkorSwim) were covered today as we wait for new weekly stock options that meet our criteria to open.

Trading Futures, Forex, and Stocks

The live coaching sessions teach you how to utilize the TradersHelpDesk indicators and take advantage of these moves on any instrument and any timeframe. Doesn’t matter whether you are a long-term, medium-term, short-term, or scalper. These patterns play out on all markets and time frames. They are very specific and allow you to enter using a low risk high reward strategy when trading futures, forex and stocks.