Trading Futures Trading ES Trading Dow Trading CrudeTrading Futures using Crude, Dow, and ES resulted in really nice profits today because the higher timeframes were all dictating the movements.

While some may have thought the magenta peaks were failures on the 45 minute earlier this morning, as I told my Skype room, the Elders will rule the day — meaning the 720 and 1440 were speaking so you better be listening.  They had already tested the 45 minute chart so pay attention they are taking the market up.

Trading Futures:  Trading Crude

Crude had a magenta peak on the 720 minute chart indicating a retracement back to the ATR.  The 45 minute generated an entry at the ATR.  Now why would you want to trade a 3 minute when you could trade the 45 minute?  No way.  I’ll take the 45 minute anyday and it produced a 100 tick profit or $1,000 trading just 1 contract.

Trading Futures:  Trading Dow

The Dow had a 1440 magenta peak.  Since we were late to the game we took the 3 minute trade for 70 points or $350.

Trading Futures:  Trading ES

The 45 minute gave an entry earlier but the 3 minute also gave an entry at 2023.75.  I would have exited at 2038.50 as shown in the video but the strategy came out at 2036.50.  Basically a 2 point difference.  Using the strategy exit, you made 12.75 or $637.50.

That’s $1987.50 for the morning trading one contract each on Crude, Dow, and the ES.

The THD Strategies automatically highlight the entries for you.  The ATR strategy also identify the profit target and has two built-in stops.  One stop is based on the ATR stop indicator and the second stop kicks in once a minimum profit target has been achieved.  Then the stop follows price closer to get more profits.

The THD Strategies will be available soon on a subscription only basis (either quarterly or annually) for clients that have the indicators.  Of course with our new subscription service, clients will always have the latest indicators, online training courses, and access to a weekly webinar on Mondays from 10am till noon.