Trading Futures using the Crude, Dow and ES contracts gave wonderful signals overnight.  The new strategies highlight the entries on the lower timeframes.  Then we simply make sure the entries are confirmed on the higher timeframe.  Standard risk is 15 ticks on any instrument (although typically we can lower the risk to ten ticks on the currency futures).

Trading Futures:  Crude

On Crude, we had a trend entry.  The 45 minute was moving down.  Price approached the ATR on the 3 minute chart and we had a entry generated that resulted in a gain of 32 ticks per contract while only risking 15 ticks per contract.

Trading Crude Oil Trend Trade

Trading Futures:  Dow

On the Dow we had two ADX magenta peaks.  Once came in during Asia, then another kicked off during the London session.  Although we are switching contracts contracts to H16, there was adequate volume on the Z15 to trade it or you could switch to the H16 contract to trade them.  Combined the two trades made 134 points per contract.  This was a counter trend trade as we knew that the 45 minute was trending up but the magenta peak identified a potential pullback to the ATR (plus sign).  This allows us to counter trend trade back to the ATR on the higher timeframe.

Trading Dow

Trading Futures:  ES

Then on the ES, we had one ADX magenta peak that came in and netted 6 1/2 points per contract.  Again this is a counter trend trade.  We could (and do during the US session especially) make sure the 3 minute has flipped the ATR to blue and retested it to ensure that the ATR will support the upward price movement.

Trading ES

The THD Strategies automatically highlight the entries for you.  The ATR strategy also identify the profit target and has two built-in stops.  One stop is based on the ATR stop indicator and the second stop kicks in once a minimum profit target has been achieved.  Then the stop follows price closer to get more profits.