There are multiple ways of trading futures and forex, including using the underlying market, using Nadex touch brackets, or using binary options. This morning in the coaching sessions, we discussed all three ways of trading with examples on the Nasdaq and the EURJPY. Plus, Gail went over the ThinkorSwim platform for trading weekly stock options with a very specific setup.

Trading Futures and Forex – Nasdaq and EURJPY

Back ten years ago, traders did not have as many options as they have today to limit risk. However, in today’s volatile markets, with the escaltion of a trade ward and the possibility of a currency war, limiting risk is vital to survival. Traders should know how to utilize whatever instrument meets their objective for a limited risk environment during volatile periods.

In the coaching session this morning, Gail shows how traders could have used the futures contract for the trade on the Nasdaq or limited their risk using the Nadex touch brackets. Then on the EURJPY trade, Gail shows how traders could have entered the EURJPY on a lower timeframe or even selected a binary option for trading the same trade. The only difference was the limited risk environment provided by the binary option or touch brackets.

Afterwards, Gail also taught traders how to supplement their income with simple weekly stock options and a very specific setup (that is also used for trading futures and forex). In other words, it’s the same setup just a different vehicle to get the job done.

Trading Futures and Forex

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