Trading Forex or trading binaries is a really a trader’s personal decision.  Binary options allows traders to limit risk while trading forex traders must use stops and risk being stopped out on a spike, especially since forex is a leveraged instrument.

Trading Forex or Trading Binaries?

In this video, Gail Mercer, founder of TradersHelpDesk, shows you how the TradersHelpDesk indicators highlight entries on the EURUSD for trading using either the forex pair or binary options or both.  As she explains in the video, which type of instrument to trade is really a trader’s personal decision.  However, when trading futures, forex, or commodities, traders are using leverage instruments, which means they can make more money if their trade goes in their direction but it also means they can lose a lot more if price moves against them.

Regardless of whether traders are trading forex, futures, commodities, or trading binaries, the TradersHelpDesk indicators highlight the entries and allow traders to monitor multiple timeframes and markets to identify entries quicker.

TradersHelpDesk offers several trading packages for traders trading forex and trading binaries, including the Create Your Own, Silver and Diamond packages.

  • Create Your Own Package allows traders to choose 3 indicators and includes documentation, and support.
  • Silver Day Trading Package is for traders that cannot attend a seminar and learn best with videos.  It includes all the indicators, online video training, documentation, updates for one year, and support.
  • Diamond Package is for traders that need more indepth training and learn better in a classroom environment.  It includes everything from the Silver Day Trading Package plus a 2 day seminar in Greensboro, May 1 & 2, 2017.