Trading EURUSD using Nadex Touch Brackets and binaries was the topic today in the coaching sessions because the higher time frame charts indicated a substantial move to the downside.

During the 6am New York time session, I explained in detail why I thought the EURUSD would go down but the time was not right for entry. I then went down to a 15 minute chart and explained exactly where I thought price would test for resistance and why.

Trading EURUSD Using Nadex Touch Brackets and Binaries

I executed three trades — two binaries and 1 touch bracket. The risk per contract is shown on the chart. Both binaries were close when price reached $10, resulting in substantial profit on each. The touch bracket is still in play.


The coaching sessions are critical for both new and experienced trades who are having difficulty being consistent or deciding where the bigger moves are likely to happen. Although having the indicators is not required for the coaching session, they do help. I recommend the TradingView subscription to the indicators (annual subscription includes video training), so that you can follow with the indicators that I use.