Trading EURUSD off the ATR using binary options allows traders to limit risk, while anticipating a profitable trade.

Trading EURUSD Off the ATR Using Binary Options

The ATR that is built-in to the TradersHelpDesk Trend ATR indicator provides either resistance or support. In this short 25 minute trade, Gail Mercer, founder of TradersHelpDesk, profits from a very short bounce off the ATR using binary options.

In this case, Gail is expecting at least a bounce down off the ATR, since there is hidden divergence.  With price moving this morning, she knew that it would be a quick trade and opted for the 6am expiration (basically 25 minutes remaining when she entered).  The risk on the trade was $35.75 per contract.  Gail sets a profit target at $15.  This will allow her to capture $49.25 per contract if the trade works in her favor.

TradersHelpDesk currently offers two packages — Create Your Own and Silver Package.  Both the Create Your Own Package and Silver Package are on special this week and include the indicators, documentation, and online video training.

**Note: Gail had to go back and add-in audio as the first recording did not capture audio.