Trading emini Dow Jones resulted in a profit of 34 points per contract after price tested ATR.

Trading emini Dow Jones for 34 Points

The three minute chart showed that price was at an ATR.  Although some traders would have avoided the trade, because the 45 minute chart had an ADX magenta peak, which should push price down to the ATR on the 45-minute chart, the trade setup was on the 3 minute chart.  Additionally, the Stochastics identified the market as being overbought at the moment as well.

Trading the emini Dow Jones for 34 Points per ContractAs price approached the congestion dot on the 12 minute chart (white dot), the Stochastics indicated that the three minute chart was oversold.  The trader’s job is to take profits so I locked in profits.

If you watched the video from earlier this morning, you will find that the trade setup matches the Buddha Trade Process, which is defined in the Tradeflow Analysis.  These trades setup over and over in the markets, which is why we have the TradeFlow Analysis to help guide traders in locating trade setups.  Because the markets move different when trending versus non-trending or counter-trend trading, the TradeFlow Analysis guides the trader in both scenarios.  Additionally, the new ATR Support and Resistance indicator also highlights areas that will trap traders in losing positions (aka snakebite areas).

If you are trading emini Dow Jones, The TradersHelpDesk indicators can be purchased individually or in a package.  The Create Your Own Package allows you to choose any three indicators and includes the three selected indicators, documentation and workspaces or templates.

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Of course, if you are new to TradeStation, NinjaTrader, or Multicharts, then Gail can connect to your computer and install the indicators and setup your workspaces (installation is included in the Silver and Diamond packages) for trading emini Dow Jones, as well.