trading the yen futuresTrading Currency Futures with order flow transition and ATR Stop indicator for entry gives profits on the Yen today.  Although we have had many trades kick off today, due to the numerous ADX magenta peaks on the higher timeframes, in this blog article we are going to be discussing only the Yen trades.

Trading Currency Futures with Order Flow Transition and ATR

The kickoff on the trade actually came in on the 180 minute chart.  I noticed yesterday that the ADX magenta peak was starting to come in.  Although you could take the trade directly off the 180 minute chart, you can also go down in time to lower your risk.

Trading Currency Futures with ADX

According to the trade setup rules, the ATR must flip colors.  Since the ADX line was blue on the higher timeframe, the lower timeframe must show a red ATR stop (plus sign on the chart).  On the first flip to red, the ATR did not offer resistance.  Finally at 3am this morning, the ATR flipped to red as it should be.  Then price has to retest the ATR stop to ensure resistance has been formed.  The first resistance came in at around 6am New York time.  On the test, price made a high and sellers came in as the high was made.  This was evident on the TradersHelpDesk’s Direction Volume indicator because the hash mark turned red.  Then another short entry came in at about 11am New York time when price returned to the ATR stop to test again for resistance.  The resistance held and down the Yen came.

Trading Currency Futures With Order Flow Transition and ATR

Of course, we knew where it was going (red line on the chart) because after a true magenta peak, price retraces to the ATR stop on the higher timeframe.  And that is exactly where price went before reversing back up.  These indicators are included in our Special Packages which are available via subscription or as a one time purchase.