Trading cryptos, forex and indices this week provided multiple opportunities this week. Regardless of which market you were trading or the timeframe, these patterns that are taught in Gail’s latest online video course, Guide to Trading Today’s Markets in 90 Days, provided nice entries and exit points.

Trading Cryptos, Forex and Indices

On Wednesday, Gail wrote about a price pattern that was potentially developing on the USDJPY daily chart. Then she did a video for the blog that showed how she was testing the new Nadex Brackets to trade it to increase the risk to reward ratio on the trade. By Thursday evening when Gail exited her trade, the risk to reward was 1 : 4.2. The Nadex Brackets are currently only available in demo mode so now is the time to start learning them.

Also during her video course, Gail reviewed a trade on the BTCUSD crypto chart. In addition to that entry, there were another three longs positions that came in. However, on Thursday, Gail did another video showing why she would be tightening her stop as the crypto was heading into a strong resistance area. What happened after that? The crypto currency went from 4200 to 4300 and then went down. Hopefully, you tightened your stop.

Of course, these trades don’t just come in on the forex and crypto markets. The indices had numerous trades on Friday, as well. After all, a chart is a chart – regardless of whether you are trading cryptos, forex and indices!