Trading Crude and Dow with ATR Strategy today nets $1,545 if trading only one contract each.  For those that are new to the ATR Strategy, it is fairly simple.  It incorporates the Trend ATR as an entry mechanism.  The trader uses one higher timeframe and simply goes into the higher timeframe.  For example, if the higher timeframe is red, then only shorts can be taken.  If the higher timeframe is blue, then only longs can be taken.  The only exception to this is if the ADX on the higher timeframe has a magenta peak or is above 70.  It really doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Of course, I have built-in an aggressive stop mechanism that monitors how many ticks in your favor price has moved.  When this threshold is met, then the Aggressive stop kicks in to protect your profits.  This allows you to capture more profits when the markets are moving strongly in your favor, while still protecting profits that you already have.

Trading Crude with ATR Strategy

If trading Crude, there were a total of seven trades generated today on Crude after the US market opening.  Out of the seven trades, 2 were losers, one was breakeven, and four were winners.  The highest winning trade on Crude was 26 ticks.  Click on the chart to expand it.

Trading Crude with ATR Strategy

Trading Dow with ATR Strategy

If trading Dow Jones with the ATR Strategy there were four trades generated using these rules.  Three trades were winners and on trade was a loser.  The highest winning trade was 123 points.

Trading Dow with ATR StrategyCombined using the rules of the ATR strategy and trading Crude and Dow with the ATR Strategy resulted in a profit of $1,545 for the day trading one contract on each.  The largest losing trade was on the Dow Jones ($80 loss).

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