The TradersHelpDesk Live Training Room was recorded today, September 20th.  As stated in the disclaimer, the room is an educational room where I can show you the different markets with the TradersHelpDesk indicators and binary options.

TradersHelpDesk Live Training Room

In this two hour session, Gail explains the different indicators on her chart, identifies potential trades, and explains where the TradersHelpDesk indicators identify the market going.  Gail reviews the following TradersHelpDesk indicators:

  1. Trend Average True Range indicator
  2. ADX
  3. Directional Volume
  4. RSI
  5. RadarScreen indicators (or Market Analyzer if using NinjaTrader)

Using Out of the Money binary options, Gail also shows you how to limit your risk on entry during volatile trading periods like the U.S. opening.  Although previously Gail would never take a trade during a market report or a market opening, those days are long gone with binary options.  Instead, since the risk can be limited on entry, and using leading indicators to identify the OTM binary option opportunities, traders can now enter knowing they cannot lose more than they paid when entry.