TradersHelpDesk live trading room on October 4th produced 7 trades in less than two hours using binary options, forex, or futures.

Traders Help Desk Live Trading Room – October 4th

In the webinar session, Gail displayed the new TradersHelpDesk Trend ATR, which incorporates a dot to indicate entry and a small dash to indicate the trailing stop she would use if she were in either the futures or forex instruments.  A simple yet very effective way for new traders to follow the potential entries on the live edge of the market.  She also took several trades in the Nadex Demo account (the live trading room is for educational purposes only) and showed traders why she would exit early (minimizing her loss) and how to setup the profit targets.

The Traders Help Desk free training room is held every Tuesday from 8am until around 10 am New York time.  To attend, click here to register.