The TradersHelpDesk indicators are now available as a monthly subscription for TradingView! TradingView is a web-based platform for traders that are on the go.

The TradersHelpDesk indicators that are available on TradingView are:

  • ATR Support & Resistance
  • Trend ATR
  • Smoothed Moving Averages
  • ADX
  • Smoothed RSI
  • Smoothed Stochastics
  • Support & Resistance (for identifying highs and lows)

Additionally, with TradingView, Gail can share her charts with subscribers. You will be using the same charts that Gail uses for trading forex and futures.

Also, if you are already a client with either the Gold, Silver or Diamond Package, you can add the TradingView indicators for a one-time fee of $595 if you email Gail directly.

TradersHelpDesk Indicators for TradingView

TradersHelpDesk Indicators Now Available for TradingView

How to Subscribe to TradingView and Add Data

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