The TradersHelpDesk traders webinar was recorded and is now available on demand. In the video, Gail reviews the higher time frame charts for both forex and futures markets. She then shows you how to zero down in time to limit risk even further.

AUDUSD trade from traders webinar this morning

AUDUSD Example from This Morning

As the session began, Gail reviewed in entry on the AUDUSD chart. The charts indicated a move down to the about .6860 was likely. The 15 minute and 5 minute charts confirmed that resistance had formed around .6885. The risk on the trade would have been 10 pips and a reward potential of 20 pips. The session followed the trade throughout the webinar.

Video – Traders Webinar – September 16, 2019

Throughout the session, Gail reviews how she identifies the potential move from the higher time frame chart. Then uses risk to reward to determine whether to trade from the higher time frame or zero down and take a smaller trade from the lower time frame.

Gail also shows how she manages to reduce risk using lower time frame support and resistance versus using the risk associated with the higher time frame charts.