traders mistakesCommon traders mistakes during futures rollover, when trading binary options, is making sure that they are looking at the correct contract.  Nadex tends to rollover later than the futures.

Traders Mistakes During Futures Rollover

The futures rollover was scheduled for June 8th.  However, Nadex Binary Options futures do not rollover until Monday next week.  That means if you are looking at the mini Dow Jones, e-mini Nasdaq, or e-mini S&P 500 using the September 2017 contracts, the prices will be different.  For example, this morning on the e-mini Nasdaq, there was about a ten point difference between the binary options and futures September 2017 prices.  Although I had warned my clients of this earlier in the week, I had forgotten about it this morning and did not check the indicative price index (as I normally do).

The result was I lost on the trade.  Not because the setup was wrong.  Not because price moved against me.  Not because of technical analysis.  I lost because I had changed my NinjaTrader charts the day before and was not thinking about the Nadex rollover dates.  If I had looked at the indicative price index then I would have remembered as prices were significantly different.  But these are traders mistakes that happen to all traders.