A client copied me on a Traders Help Desk Review Getting Started Package he sent to his trading buddies over the weekend stating that he had been sitting on a goldmine of trading information.  This particular client has had the Getting Started Package for quite a while and has copied me on many emails as he is an avid volume analysis trader.  I was quite surprised to receive is email and even happier that he came to the same conclusion I did — the THD Directional Volume is awesome especially when combined with the Trend ATR and ADX.

Traders Help Desk Review Getting Started Package – Sitting on a Goldmine of Trading Information

“Hi Guys,

As you all know I have now spent well over a year now studying all things Wyckoff (David Weis and Dr. Gary Dayton), VSA/Volume Spread Analysis (Tom Williams and Gavin Holmes) as well as Candle Volume Analysis (Todd Kruegar and Anna Coulling).  I have now taken my Volume Analysis even further learning from Gail Mercer of Traders Help Desk. I actually bought her Getting Started Package (Indicators and Course) back in April of 2014 when I was injured and off work, but I never bothered studying it until now, and oh boy what an idiot I was because I have been sitting on a Goldmine of Trading Information for all this time.

That being said I honestly prefer Gail Mercers Directional Volume Indicator over normal Up/Down Volume as it tracks both Limit orders and Market Orders/Delta Buying/Selling Volume, and it is plotted on a zero Line so it makes looking for Volume Divergences way easier.. I’m sending you Fridays Chart to show you the ABC Corrective Pullback into Support creating the Spring, and as you can clearly see on both Legs down we had Volume Divergence and on the second Leg Down we had Increasing Delta which means there was more Buy Market Orders as Price was coming down.  When you see this at an Area of Support you wish to trade from it makes it a High Probability Trade Setup..  (click on images to enlarge)

Traders Help Desk Review Getting Started Package – ADX Indicator

Another fascinating concept of Gail Mercers is her THD ADX Indicator.  Whenever you have a Magenta Peak it means Price has a High Probability of retracing to the ATR/Average True Range, so it easily identifies Turnig Points in the Market.


Traders Help Desk Review Getting Started Package

Trading the ES

Sending you my notations on the 3MIN Chart for your perusal.. No jokes this is far superior to normal Up/Dow Volume in my humble opinion.  I have these Indicators on all my intra day time based charts, 3, 15, 45 and 135MIN Charts.