The new TradeFlow Analysis with ATR shows you how easily you can identify the correct timeframe to trade, identify when to counter-trend trade versus trend trade and when to stay out of the market.

TradeFlow Analysis with ATR Video

In the client webinar this morning, Gail Mercer, founder of TradersHelpDesk walks through the original TradersHelpDesk TradeFlow analysis.  This flowchart identifies exactly what trade setup to use if you are using the TradersHelpDesk indicators.  But now Gail has made it even easier for new traders with the ATR support and resistance indicator.

The ATR support and resistance easily identifies the appropriate timeframe to trade by showing which timeframes are aligning.  Should you trade the 3 minute or the 12?  Which timeframes are aligned?  As Gail shows in the video, these questions are answered at a glance because she incorporated them all on one timeframe — which takes the guesswork out of identifying your trade setup.

In essence, these tradeflow analysis flowcharts provide traders with a trading plan and are included with the Silver or Diamond Packages.    While both packages are similiar and come with the online video training and support, the main differences between the two packages is the ATR Support & Resistance indicator and ten hour mentoring that you get with the Diamond package.  This package provides extra support and makes identifying your trades easier by incorporating the ATR Support & Resistance indicator for traders that need it.  Both packages come with access to Gail’s Skype room so you can ask her questions during the US market opening session.  Plus, with the Skype chat group, you get access to tons of information that has been previously posted.