In this article, I am going to do the trade signals for binaries review using the overnight forex alerts.  There is currently one alert pending on the GBPUSD which is not marked on the image below.

Trade Signals for Binaries Review

While the review is subjective, you can tell from the charts whether the binary moved in your direction or not.  Again, there is one alert still pending for the GBPUSD.

Overall there were a total of 14 trade signals for binaries issues.  Out of the 14 alerts, there were six losers and eight winners if none of the trades were filtered.  (I always recommend filtering the signals.)  If the trader had filtered the signals using something as easy as the Stochastics on the 30-minute chart cannot be overbought or oversold, then out of the 14 alerts, there were have been only two losers instead of six.  Filtering using the Stochastics from the higher timeframe is easy — if the Stochastics is above 80 on the 30 minute chart and the signal is long, then you do not take it or if the Stochastics is below 20 on the 30 minute chart and the signals is short, you do not take it.  These areas are circled in red on the image below.

Trade Signals for Binaries ReviewThe binary signals uses portions of the TradeFlow analysis for entry.  In other words, price must be at an ATR and you must have at least two ATRs in your favor (15 and 30 minute charts).  Then you have to confirm with the Stochastics that the entry is valid.  The easiest confirmation for new traders is — the Stochastics cannot be overextended in the direction of the trade on the 30-minute chart (for longs it cannot be overbought, for shorts it cannot be oversold).

The trade signals for binaries is available for a monthly subscription of $99.