Every morning in the live coaching sessions, we go over the trade analysis for both indices futures and forex. Yesterday’s analysis identified strong moves on each of the indices. Here’s the breakdown.

Indices Futures – Profit Potential for 7/18/19

Here are the profit potentials that were identified at 6am New York time and what happened on each.

The emini S&P 500 anticipated move was 115 ticks to the upside. Here’s what happened.

Indices Futures - emini S&P 500
Indices Futures – emini S&P 500

The emini Nasdaq expectation yesterday was 384 ticks. Here’s what happened.

emini Nasdaq
emini Nasdaq

On the emini Russell 2000, the potential identified was 167 ticks. Here’s what happened.

emini Russell 2000

And on the emini Dow Jones a 152 point move was anticipated. And, here’s what happened.

emini Dow Jones

It was even mentioned that more likely than not, this move would not come in until after 10:00 am. Actually started after noon.

How could a trader enter the move?

  • Binary Options – either daily or 2 hours
  • Touch Brackets
  • Call Spreads
  • Trade future contract directly
  • Trade micro futures contract directly
  • Or a combination of any of these

In the live coaching sessions, I show you how to anticipated these moves and what to look for on entry. Plus, right now you can subscribe to the TradingView Indicators and Coaching special for only $1,395 for the year.