Top 5 Reasons Indicators Subscriptions are better Indicators subscriptions are better plans that purchasing outright because you have the advantage of continuing education and always having the latest indicators without additional fees.  Plus, the most experienced traders admit, they often spend thousands of dollars simply trying out the latest and greatest indicators.  And, while some traders may believe they are unnecessary, actually they are better than purchasing the indicators outright.  Why?  Because they give you a full year to try them (without the hefty price tag) plus have numerous the numerous benefits offered with the subscriptions.

Top 5 reasons why the THD indicators subscriptions plans are better than purchasing are:

  1.  Cost of the indicators are lower when using subscriptions services.  While some may argue that the long-term cost is higher, actually since you are not paying for updates and additional training, overall the THD subscriptions services are cheaper than if purchasing outright.  For example, the Silver Package subscription plan is $1,595 per year.  This includes all the indicators and online training plus an expansive video collection.  The outright purchase price is $2,995 but doesn’t include annual upgrades and only gives you access to the online training and videos for one year.  Each subsequent year is an additional fee.  It would take a minimum of 3 years on the subscription plan, with current pricing, to cover the cost of an outright purchase plus annual membership fee.
  2.  Your indicators stay up-to-date without additional fees.  Technology and trading platforms are constantly changing.  Quite often these changes allow us to provide additional features utilizing the latest technology.  A great example is 64 bit applications versus 32 bit.  Although 64 bit programming has been around for years, the only platform that currently utilizes this advanced technology is the Multicharts 64 bit.  However, NinjaTrader 8, which will be designed to use 64 bit, will hopefully be released soon.  This requires all the indicators to be reprogrammed.  Since updates are only included for the specific platform at that time, traders that transfer to NinjaTrader 8 will have to pay an update fee.  Subscribers do not have to worry over paying update fees when the NinjaTrader 8 version is released.
  3. Continuing Education is included in both the Silver and Diamond Packages.  This includes a two day seminar each year for the Diamond Package and multiple training sessions via GoToMeeting and additional videos for the Silver Package subscribers.  Of course, if the trader doesn’t want to attend a seminar each year, then the trader can always opt to switch to the Silver Package at any time.
  4. No additional indicator fees for the full year. This is a major plus for all traders.  Most traders add to their indicator arsenal periodically throughout the year.  However, with the THD Annual subscription plan, any indicators developed throughout the year is available to you for no additional cost.  It’s a one time upfront fee so you know exactly how much you are spending for the year.
  5. You always know the best entries and exits methods.  Because you have access to all the latest videos and training materials throughout the year, you stay up-to-date on entry and exit criteria. Plus, if you are a new trader, it takes time to absorb all the materials and concepts that I teach.  Subscriptions allow you to learn at your own pace.  This means you have time to truly absorb the materials and implement the different techniques, ranging from simple to more complex techniques, at a slower pace to truly “understand”.  By taking the time to truly understand the knowledge, it is much easier to implement on the live edge.

As you can see, although you can still purchase the indicators outright by emailing Gail, the THD indicators subscriptions plans are better because there are no additional training or indicator fees for the entire year.  This makes budgeting for training and indicators extremely easy.