Three trade entries that consistently make profits using the THD indicators are:

  • ADX Strategy entry off a magenta peak retracement on a higher timeframe
  • ATR Strategy Entry (basically price is at an ATR)
  • Congestion Entry off the white dot which identifies that the market is in congestion

ADX Strategy Trade Entries That Consistently Make Profits

The TradersHelpDesk ADX indicator incorporates an ADX Magenta peak that quickly identifies when price will begin a retracement to the Average True Range Stop indicator (plus sign on chart).  The ADX strategy calls the trade immediately as the peak is coming in.  Profits are taken as price approaches the Average True Range Stop.

ADX Strategy trade entries for consistent profits

ATR Strategy Trade Entries That Consistently Make Profits

The ATR strategy actually enters anytime price is within a pre-defined number of ticks of the Average True Range Stop (plus sign on the chart).  There are initially two stops used for exit after entry.  One is if the ATR is flipped then an exit is generated.  The other stop is a red line and can be used if it is closer and price has not flipped the ATR stop.  However, once price moves at pre-defined number of ticks from entry, an aggressive stop kicks in to maintain profits.  This allows traders to increase their risk to reward ratio when the market is moving aggressively in their direction.

ATR Strategy Trade Entries that Consistently Make Profits

Congestion Trade Entries that Consistently Make Profits

The final trade entry is the Congestion Dot entry.  Anytime the ATR is flipped with a lack of momentum a white dot is plotted identifying that price did not have sufficient momentum to continue.  This indicates that price will go at least back to the ATR or even possibly continue in the direction previous to the ATR flip.  For example, on the chart below, the first set of white dots indicates that price will at least go back to the ATR and possible higher as price did not go down with momentum.

Congestion Trade Entries that Consistently Make Profits

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