three successful tradesThree successful trades before 10 am this morning on the e-Mini Dow and e-Mini S&P 500 using binary options.

Three Successful Trades by 10 am

The first two trades were off the binary signals.  Both were short and basically at the money (meaning risk was about $50).  The video below shows the trades.  The profit targets were amended as price did not get to the profit target I had set.

The next trade was a quick 20 minute scalp to the long side on the mini Dow.  Price had made a substantial move down and a retracement was anticipated.  On entry the risk was $42 and the profit target at $85 was filled six seconds before expiration.


All three were profitable trades and produced a great return on investment.  Why did I only trade one contract?  Because I want to show everyone that even trading one contract allows you to produce profits.  Once you can do this consistently then you would begin to compound contracts.

As I constantly remind clients, three successful trades per day is really all you need to focus on.  The 9:30 am New York opening generally gives the movement in the indices, which is why I was focused on these instruments.  By 10am, my three trades were completed and I have the rest of the day to do what I want.

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