Market Opening Trades on IndicesWe had 3 market opening trades on the indices this morning and all three resulted in profits.  The setup with rules is included in the new Complete Guide to Trading Binary Options.

3 Market Opening Trades on the Indices Video

In the video below, you can actually see the trades using the 20 minute binary options from Nadex:

  • Wall St 30 (underlying instrument is the E-mini Dow Jones)
  • US Tech 100 (underlying instrument is the E-mini Nasdaq)
  • US 500 (underlying instrument is the E-mini S&P 500)

The risk on each instrument was:

  • Wall St 30, $21.25
  • US Tech 100, $38.75
  • US 500, $42.75

The following profits were achieved on each instrument:

  • US 500, $32.25
  • US Tech 100, $36.25
  • Wall St 30, $32.25


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