High Volatility ReportsThis week in the markets we have four major rate announcements.  These announcements will affect futures, commodities and forex.

Although the Crude Oil Inventory will be release on Wednesday at 10:30 am New York time, this market may not have extreme movement because of the FOMC announcements later in the afternoon.

Beginning on Wednesday, June 14th, we have the Quadruple FOMC beginning at 2:00 pm New York time. The combination of FOMC Economic Projections, FOMC Statement, Federal Funds Rate, and FOMC Press conference is just about guaranteed to slow the markets leading up to the announcement and create extreme volatility after the announcements.

The FOMC announcements are followed by the Libor Rate, Swiss National Bank Monetary Policy Assessment and Press Conference on Thursday morning at 3:30 am New York time. Then at 7:00 am New York time the UK has their MPC Official Bank Rate Votes,, Monetary Policy Summary, and Official Bank Rate.

Late Thursday night into Friday morning, the Bank of Japan issues their Monetary Policy Statement, Policy Rate, and Press Conference.

This Week in the Markets Market Reports Week Ending June 16

Typically behavior prior to these reports will be slower movement with no clear direction on the lower timeframes.  Sometimes you will find increased volatility immediately preceding the reports as traders are exiting their positions (or perhaps entering in the direction of where they think the markets will go).  With the expected increase in volatility, it would be wise to shop around for the best OTM binary using a combination of 2 hour, dailies and weeklies.