What indicators should you use was the topic of the interview by Stocks & Commodities magazine with Gail Mercer of TradersHelpDesk.

Gail Mercer, a 15-year veteran of the trading industry who is the founder and CEO of TradersHelpDesk, has dedicated her career to helping traders achieve success. Committed to helping traders grow from amateur analysts to master traders, her unique methodology is rooted in her philosophy that success depends not on a trader’s indicators but the ability to remain focused and responsive to price. Self responsibility, another cornerstone of her work, provides the mirror for what a trader needs to learn about him- or herself in relationship to the markets. Working with both the inner and outer aspects of trading, Mercer provides an integrated and holistic blueprint for prospering in the markets.

Gail, how did you get interested in trading?

The funny thing is I never thought I would ever be a trader. I actually started out as a paralegal. When computers came out, I was so amazed at how something that would take me hours to do could be done by a computer in such a short time. After that, I studied everything about computers I could get my hands on. I was offered a job as an indicator specialist at a company in Greensboro, NC, which I accepted. At the time I had never heard about anything like TradeStation and when I saw those little price bars ticking away during the day, I was in love. That was it. I was never, ever going to do anything else again in my life. I just thought that was the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my life — and I still do.

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