Some of you asked me this morning about the LogikVolume Tick Chart by PureLogikTrading that I sent out an email about this week.  Below is a comparison of a standard tick display versus the LogikVolumeX with a trade that I took at the ATR on the Dow Jones.  Entry was at 16835 and exit was at 16787.  Exit was due to high volume node which is a standard exit for me using the LogikVolumeWandHD.  (Click on chart to expand.)

Tick Chart Comparison on YM

Comparison on YM

Of course, the 3 minute was at the ATR as well so I felt comfortable taking the trade since I use the minute charts.  As you can see, the LogikVolumeX is much smoother than the 240 tick charts on the right and it sure beats trying to guess how many ticks are needed for today’s action.