The Specs for Binary Options and Spreads are important if you are day trading the binary options and spreads.  The specs identify the strike width for 2 hour, daily and weekly binaries, plus the spread range for the 2 hour spreads and daily spreads, plus when each is offered.

Specs for Binary Options and Spreads

The charts (for futures and forex) below show the specs for binary options and spreads that are traded via the Binary Signals subscription both intraday and longer-term (weekly).


Futures Specs for Binary Options and SpreadsPlease note that the futures binaries and spreads begin at 8am for the 2 hour expiration.  All start times and expirations use New York time.  Also, on the daily binaries and spreads, the first set is beginning at 6pm and then additional sets are offered at 8am when the cash market opens.

The specs for binary options and spreads on Forex are shown below.  Notice that the AUD/JPY and EUR/GBP do not have 2 hour spreads available.

Forex Specs for Binary Options and Spreads

There are limited 2 hour binary options beginning at 6pm for a few of the forex pair.  The AUD/JPY, EUR/GBP, GBP/JPY, USD/CAD, and USD/CHF 2 hour binary options do not begin until 8am.

 Binaries Start Time

If you are trading during Asia, the smaller strike widths on the following forex pairs make them ideal for trading during this slower session:


However, if the markets are moving faster, and occasionally they do, then you can add the EUR/JPY to the mix.

Since the futures daily binary options open at 6pm, when the ADX magenta peaks are coming in on the Futures higher time frames (ie 180 and above) at the close of the US session, the 6pm binary opening can make them lucrative to trade.   You can enter these when the signals come in and set a profit target before going to bed.