Shorting futures after retracements was pretty easy if you paid attention to the Tradershelpdesk indicators this morning after the live event on youtube.

Earlier this morning I warned there would be a retracement. While I anticipated a pullback to the ATR, I also mentioned to watch the moving averages because they can provide resistance for price.

On the Nasdaq, I shorted when I saw a double top formation (red squares) on both the 3 and 12 minute charts. Although I used the touch brackets, you could have used the underlying NQ contracts, as well. I exited when I observed the Stochastics overextended on both the 12 and 45 (as well as the 3 minute) and the RSI on the 12 was approaching oversold status, as well. There was an additional entry at the red arrow on the Nasdaq 3 minute chart.

Shorting Futures after retracment - Nasdaq chart
Nasdaq Short

On the S&P 500, I shorted after seeing the double top formation on the 3 and 12 (similar to the Nasdaq). I also locked in profits after observing that the 3 and 12 Stochastics was oversold and the RSI was dangerously close to be oversold on the 12 minute chart.

S&P 500 Short