Scalping the Dow JonesScalping the Dow Jones nets 60 points per contract using a momentum shift in volume for entry.  The 180 minute chart showed that the Dow Jones had broken thru Congestion Dot (which is built-in to the Trend ATR indicator for TradeStation, NinjaTrader and Multicharts) and then retested on a momentum shift in volume.  I entered and then exited with sixty points of profit per contract.

The Trend ATR indicator clearly shows where potential support and resistance are on any timeframe and any market.  Entries using the TradersHelpDesk indicators are always at either the Average True Range stop (plus sign) or at the Congestion Dots.  There simply are no other entries using our methodology.

Whenever price is at one of these areas, we confirm using the TradersHelpDesk Directional Volume indicator that volume divergence is present indicating that price will, more likely than not, go in our anticipated trade direction.  This morning it was confirmed with a volume momentum shift to the down side.  This means that the volume clearly showed that sellers stepped in on the high.  A very powerful volume pattern when it occurs at an area of support or resistance.

In addition to the scalping trade, I also have a weekly out of the money binary option to the downside.  This just shows how traders can take one trade and actually produce multiple trade entries using different trading vehicles like binary options.


Scalping the Dow Jones for 60 Points per Contract Video

You can learn how scalping the Dow Jones can be profitable at the upcoming seminar in Greensboro, NC.  The seminar is included in the Diamond Package, as well.  And for trading binary options, we now have a binary options signal subscription available.  The binary options trading signals gives you a heads up on the binary options that I trade and begins on September 6th!