Scalping Nasdaq futures using a three minute chart has never been easier if you understand support and resistance and have the TradersHelpDesk ATR indicators with Stochastics.

Scalping Nasdaq Futures 3 Minute Chart

Basically you can use the ATR support and resistance indicator on the 3 minute chart which shows the 3/12/45 ATRs and Congestion Dots or you can setup your 3 minute chart with the Trend ATR, Stochastics and ATR support and resistance for the 12/45/180.  Once you have the charts setup (templates make it easy to do in NinjaTrader 8 and are sent out with the indicator and workspaces are sent out with TradeStation and Multicharts), then you wait for at least 2 timeframes to align (meaning two plus signs either above or below price) and then price will retest the first ATR.  On the retest the best setups will come from hidden divergence (higher lows with a lower low on the Stochstics), which are marked on the chart with blue arrows for scalping Nasdaq futures.

Scalping Nasdaq futures using 3 minute chart

The chart on the left only has the ATR Support & Resistance with the Stochastics and Directional Volume.  The chart on the right has the 3 minute Trend ATR (cyan colors), with the ATR Support and Resistance for the 12 minute chart (white plus sign and dots), 45 minute chart (royal blue plus signas and dots) and the 180 minute chart (red plus sign and dots).  On entry, the expectation was that price would reach up to the blue dots, which it did.  When it reached this area, the Stochastics was at 90.68 identifying a retracement was likely so the profits (4.25 points) were locked in.

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