Rollover on IndicesRollover on indices to December 2016 Contract (Z) is scheduled for today so make sure to watch the volume for signals to switch on contracts.

Rollover on Indices to December 2016 Contract – Nadex

Nadex will not be rolling over on the indices contracts until Monday.  If you are watching the Nadex charts you should not have issues, other than volatility will evaporate.  However, if you are using another charting platform, be cautious as the September contracts will not be trading at the same level as the December contracts.

Also, Gold is already trading on the December contract and Crude is trading the October contract so there are no changes on those.  They may also be a better choice at the moment because the indices have very low volatility.  Since March, the indices have been trading below the Average True Range value the majority of the days.  Only seven days, since March, have exceeded the long-term average true range value.  This simply indices that the markets are experiencing very low volatility.  In other words, instead of moving the long-term average range of 218 points per day on the Emini Dow, its been moving less than that.  In fact, the Emini Dow has struggled to even more 100 points per day since March.  This makes trading the futures very difficult.

The Emini ES has struggled to move more than ten to fifteen points at best (long-term range is 27 points per day).  And, the Emini NQ has struggled to move more than thirty points per day (long-term range is 69).  Again, indications that there is no volatility in the market.

Additionally, at 8:30 am New York time is the ECB press conference which should provide some volatility.  Look for divergences immediately prior to the press conference on the binary options for indications as to which way the market will go.  Choose a low risk binary option (using OTM) in case it goes against you.