The recent downward move on the eminis futures (emini Nasdaq, emini S&P 500, emini Dow, and emini Russell 2000) has created a reversal candle patterns on the monthly chart, indicating a new low will form.

Of course if the trade wars expand, as anticipated, during the summer months, the result could be further downward movement in all of the emini futures.

In this video, I review the eminis futures on the monthly, weekly, and daily. Although the daily is showing the market is oversold and a retracement is likely to come in this week, if the resistance area holds, more downward movement can be anticipated.

Reversal Candle Patterns on Futures Video

eMini Futures Analysis Monthly Weekly and Daily

Also, note on the last high on each of these markets, there was bearish divergence using the Stochastics. However, on this last low, there is no bullish divergence at the moment.