In this video, I discuss the strong potential market moves on the Dow Jones and Forex markets that may play out in September, if these price patterns hold. The Dow Jones (YM) may test the prior low at 21443 or even 15296. Price has tested the prior highs but has been unable to hold price above and a potential head and shoulders pattern has developed.

On the GBPUSD, there is indication that a short-term test for support is needed. If the support area holds, then we could see further upward movement. However, remember that October is the Brexit deadline. Could a deal be made in time to save the British Pound?

On the weekly USDJPY, traders should be watching to see if the potential double-bottom holds. If it does, then price could push up seeking a resistance area.

Video Showing Potential Market Moves – Dow Jones and Forex

Dow Jones & Forex