Potential entry is appearing on Duke Energy for either buying the stock or for purchasing stock options.

Potential Entry on Duke Energy in Stock or Options

Using a combination of the daily, weekly, and monthly average true range stop (ATR) and congestion dots, there is a potential entry to the upside on Duke Energy by either buying the stock or buying calls.  Again, you can see that the entry is considered my favorite entry:

  • ATRs are identifying the direction of the trade.  In this case all three ATRs are below price indicating a long position.
  • Stochastics is showing hidden divergence provided that the current bar confirms the hidden divergence.

Potential Entry on Duke Energy

Where is price likely to go after entering?  Expectation is that price will exceed the prior high at 91.80.  Traders could buy the 40 delta calls for April 2018 or simply buy the actual stock.

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