Positive core beliefs in trading help you become a successful trader because you are using the power of the subconscious mind to bring you success.  In my last article, Identifying Negative Core Beliefs in Trading, I instructed you to write down our own negative thoughts and analyze them.  Today, you are going to learn to change these negative charged thoughts into positive charged thoughts so you can harness the power of the subconscious mind.

Positive Core Beliefs in TradingPositive Core Beliefs in Trading

Before I begin the discussion on the changing the negative to positive, let’s discuss the subconscious mind for a moment.  Some people, including me, believe that the 90% of the brain that we fail to use is actually the subconscious mind and it is the most powerful if we only learn to utilize it.  By identifying your negatively charged thoughts (this is also referred to mindfulness as you are becoming aware of your thoughts and the powers they hold), allows you to correct the statements and begin utilizing the power of your servant (subconscious mind).  Now let’s begin to turn the tables and use our servant to our advantage.

Each negative core belief typically is also associated with a negatively charged emotional response.  This is why they tend to zap you of your mental and physical energy.  They destroy your creativity, paralyze your ability to see the markets clearly, and eventually destroy your trading account.  You should have already started your negative core beliefs list.  Take your list and change it negatively charged statement into a positively charged statement.  For example, let’s presume one of your negative statements was:

I always enter late

Your positive charged statement could be:

I execute my trades with precision

Now, write down a detailed plan outlining what a precision entry is — this mus be specific and detailed.  For example, I will execute my trades in the direction of the higher timeframe chart when price is within five ticks of the ATR.

Now designate a time that you can practice this for the next 60 days without fail — and follow it step by step.

Believe it or not, within the next 60 days, your negative core statement (I always enter late), will be crushed and replaced with the positive core statement.  This helps you identify you trades more precisely, feel better about what you are doing, and helps you achieve the success that you want in trading.