You can open both the Nadex demo and live together by simply using two different web browsers.  This allows you to compare the demo premiums with the live premiums to ensure that the differences will not affect your trading strategy.

Opening the Nadex Demo and Live Comparisons

In this video, Gail Mercer, founder of TradersHelpDesk, shows you how you can compare the premium price by opening both the Nadex Demo and Nadex Live accounts side by side by using two different web browsers.  Remember your live account has a different login from your demo (the demo accounts always have the demo- prefix).  By observing both versions, you can determine whether the premiums in the live account will work with your trading strategy, as well.

Also remember that more volatile markets will have more volatile premiums.  Since the practice accounts have limited market makers offering binaries, the premiums can be different from what is being offered in the live accounts.  By monitoring both versions you can actually determine whether this difference will affect your trading strategy.

For example, if you are doing Deep in the Money binaries, then your trading strategy may be affected.  The charts below show three comparisons (with the practice account on the left and the live account on the right).  You will need to click on the image to expand it.

Here are the differences in this example:

  • Strike 6716: Demo Offer $64.25, Live Offer, $63.75
  • Strike 6680:  Demo Offer $84.25, Live Offer, $81.50
  • Strike 6648:  Demo Offer $96, Live Offer $85.25

Nadex Demo and Live ComparisonsBy doing the Nadex Demo and live comparisons, frustration will be minimized when you decide to migrate from trading in your practice account to trading your live account using Nadex binary options.