This morning, August 27, 2014, internet went down for most of Time Warner clients, on both the East and West coasts.  Although it was restored, there are still sporadic outrages.  Luckily I was trading binaries with Nadex.  While other traders may have been scrambling to call their brokers, I was relaxed because my risk was capped on entry.

For example, I went long on the EURUSD at 3:34 am (New York Time).  My risk was capped at $172.50 and the cost to enter the trade was $4.50.

Trading Binaries - Forex

Around 4:30 am (New York time), while trading binaries, the internet crash occurred.  Although I could bring up my Nadex account on my iPhone, I was not panicking because I knew I could not lose more than what the trade cost on entry.  And, I had already placed a profit target so if price did go up as I anticipated, I would make money.  And that is exactly what happened.  At 10:45 am (New  York time), with internet connections still being sporadic at best, my profit target was achieved.

Trading Binaries - Forex

Since the risk was capped on entry and my profit target was entered, I was covered on both ends and not fighting to get through to a brokerage firm to get me out of a trade that could have went against me dramatically.

Trading Binaries prevents the unlimited risk factor when the internet crashes!