Nadex Town Hall - New HTML 5 ChartsNadex Wants Your Feedback on Their New Charts

As most of you know, Nadex released their new HTML 5 charts last week in the demo platform.  And, now they are requesting you to give them your feedback directly in a webinar.  This is your chance to voice your likes or dislikes with the new charts.  Did the improvements make it easier for you to trade?  Do you like the new charts and menus?

They are giving you an opportunity to voice your opinions, your likes and your dislikes over the new charts.  Take advantage of one of these special session webinars to let Nadex know what they did right and ways they can improve.  Use your voice!

I invite you to join Dan Cook, Nadex Director of Business Development, as he provides an overview of the new HTML 5 charts coming soon to Nadex. During this webinar, Dan will walk attendees through the basic navigation of the charts including how to find, apply  and customize technical indicators and drawing tools, and placing trades directly from the charts.

Questions, feedback and suggestions for future enhancements from attendees are strongly encouraged as one of the most important goals of this webinar is to give you a voice in shaping the Nadex trading experience.

To register for one of the two sessions, please follow the links below: