Nadex Binary Options trades on the Nasdaq netted $1,133.50.   On Sunday I sent out the typical Market Overview.  I had a strong bias to the downside on the Nasdaq.  On Monday morning, I placed a short trade for the 4590 area.

Nadex Binary Option 4590 Entry

Nadex Binary Options Entry

Then on Tuesday morning, I entered another binary option on the Nasdaq at 4638 (to the short side):

Nadex Binary Option 4638 EntryOn Thursday, I entered another binary option for the 4578 area (to the short side).  In fact, someone that saw the video on Sunday sent me an email stating that his binary was working out very well and wanted my opinion on what I thought the market would do.  My response was, I think the market is going to pullback and then go right back down.

Nadex Binary Option 4578 EntryI did have profit targets on each of these for about twice the risk.  And what happened?  All the profit targets were hit.

Nadex Binary Option Exit 4590Nadex Binary Option Exit 4638

Nadex Binary Option Exit 4578Why did I believe this would be a down week?  The THD ADX was extremely overbought.  This indicated that price would retrace to the average true range stop loss on the higher timeframes.  That simply told me to short the weeklies.  The Nadex Binary Options allow low risk trade that one does not have to watch every minute of the day because the risk is paid “upfront” on entry.  That allows me to focus on my intraday trades while still making money on a longer term trade.