The Nasdaq charts below show multiple entries on both the 240-minute or 60-minute timeframe. The red arrows highlight the short entries (retracements) and the green arrows highlight the long entries.

Multiple entries on Nasdaq charts
NQ Charts

Counter-trend traders may opt to only take the shorts. Trend traders may opt to only take longs. These setups could be used to trade futures, binaries or touch brackets or a combination of all three. The key is how do you know where the setup is going to come in?

In the live coaching sessions that is exactly what you learn. Gail teaches you exactly which timeframe to use for each setup — basically there are two– a standard setup and then an exception setup. For a standard setup, you simply identify the direction from the higher timeframe and then go down to your trade setup chart. For an exception trade, you identify the conditions, then go down to your trade setup chart.

It helps to have the Traders Help Desk indicators because they have a smoothing algorithm that prevents a lot of false signals. That is why the All Inclusive Package was designed — it has everything you need to get started on learning the indicators and setups.

While the setups above are shown on the Nasdaq charts, in the live coaching sessions, I show the exact same setups for trading the 5-minute binary options. A chart is a chart regardless of the instrument.